Ship’s Log

Ship’s Log provides simple and easy trip logging in your phone or tablet. Simply click log to create a log entry, you will see position, course and speed populated automatically (when possible). Additional information can be added manual if desired. Input is a mixture of drop down selection and free text.

Application Features

Logging available at just a click, grouped by date and trip name.

Supported Platform

  • iOS v16.1 or higher (iPhone)
  • iPadOS (as simulated iOS)
  • macOS 13.0 (Apple Silicon, as simulated iOS)

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Automatic Fields

These fields are captured automatically at time of logging:

  • Position
  • Course
  • Speed

Manual Fields

These fields are either through manual entry or through selection drop down (all manual and selection fields are optional):

  • Summary (free text)
  • Description (free text)
  • Log Event (selection)
  • Sky Condition (selection)
  • Wind Direction (selection)
  • Wind Speed (selection)
  • Temperature (selection)

Let us know if you feel any fields are missing, we would love to hear your feedback and we will respond to all. Please follow the support link at the bottom of this page to submit a feature request or report an issue relating to this app. Happy Sailing !